Tropical Red Bean

The Amazonian red bean, with its vibrant color and mild, buttery flavor, is a culinary gem. Originating from the Amazon region, this bean stands out for its versatility in various preparations and its contribution to the rich culinary tradition of local communities.

Nombre científico:Chenopodium Quinoa
Tipo:Frijol Rojo Amazonico
Ingredientes:Frijol Rojo Amazonico
Certificaciones Orgánicas:Certified Organicby IMOcert
Presentaciones:14 Kg. (Bolsa de papel)
10 Lb (Bolsa de papel)
Pureza de Producto:99,98%
Tamaño de los Granos:1.7-2.2mm
Grano entero:99,0%
Granos germinados:1,0%

Black Bean

With its dark-colored beans and earthy flavor, this bean is essential in the preparation of traditional Bolivian dishes such as quinoa soup and vegetable stir-fry. Its versatility and high protein content make it a popular ingredient, contributing to the nutrition and gastronomic heritage of the country. Additionally, the Bolivian black bean is a fundamental part of local agriculture.

Nombre científico: Chenopodium Quinoa
Tipo: Quinua Real de las tierras altas de Bolivia
Ingredientes: 100% Quinua
Certificaciones Orgánicas: Certified Organicby IMOcert
Presentaciones: 25 Lb. (Bolsa de papel)
10 Lb (Bolsa de papel)
400 g (Bolsa de plástico)
340 g (Caja de carton)
Pureza de Producto: 99,98%
Saponina: >15mg/100g
Humedad: <11%
Tamaño de los Granos: 1.7-2.2mm
Grano entero: 99,0%
Granos germinados: 1,0%


The black and Amazonian red beans stand out for their unique characteristics. The black bean, with its earthy flavor and creamy texture, is a rich source of proteins. On the other hand, the Amazonian red bean, with its vibrant color and mild taste, is versatile in various preparations. Both varieties not only enrich the diet but also reflect the biodiversity and culinary traditions of the Amazon region.